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Ash - Malinda Lo Huh. I liked the fairy tale feel of this book, as well as the stories within the stories. I thought that Clara was a nice touch as someone who is confused by her mother and her sister's mean treatment of the undeserving Ash. Her conflict was rather interesting to me. I also thought it was cool that in this world people can love who they want to love.

The "huh" at the beginning of my review is because even though I liked the feel of the book, it wasn't as compelling as I would have hoped. I never felt that Ash was in any danger from the fairy. I guess that's because this is a version of Cinderella, and we all know how Cinderella ends? I mean, it's a fairy tale, and most fairy tales (with the exception of the effed-up Grimm's ones) end happily ever after. So for me I didn't feel any concern that things with Ash wouldn't end up happily. I guess that's the problem with retelling fairy tales. So I felt bad for her, yeah, (orphaned, slaving away in the kitchen, had to cut all her hair off, etc) but I knew what was coming.