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Partials - Dan Wells Let me say, first things first, that I liked this book. The action was great and it was very exciting. I also liked the main character. Kira does NOT play around. She gets it done. She's not wishy-washy or dependent on anyone, and I liked that. Several "strong" female YA characters could take some lessons from her.

HOWEVER. A lot of this book seemed really obvious to me. Everything was easily telegraphed and I did not feel surprised by any of the plot twists. This is coming from me, a person who can't remember who the killer is in an episode of Law and Order:SVU despite the fact I've seen the episode two or three times. I don't usually go for trying to figure out all the secrets of a book, I let them unfold in front of me and I am generally pleasantly surprised by them. But in this book, I knew Kira was a Partial, I knew the government was in on it, I knew the guy they met in the woods was one of the Voice, I knew she might start to have feelings for Samm, etc etc. Maybe I'm getting better at figuring this stuff out?

Also, the medical stuff was hard for me to understand. I had to read it several times. Again, maybe it's just me.

I still want to know what happens, so I'll read the rest of the trilogy. Maybe there will be some surprises there.