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Insurgent - Veronica Roth I guess I prefer Tris' Chicago when there is a greater focus on one of the factions and not all of them. I found the emphasis on who belongs in what faction and "oh today you're being such a Stiff" jibing really distracting. And it also didn't make much sense to me that EVERYONE should fit in one of these five very narrow factions. For some reason, this issue didn't bother me during Divergent but since everyone kept talking about how so-and-so TOTALLY belonged in this faction, it really got me to thinking. Seems like the contingent of factionless would be much bigger than all the factions combined, especially since you get kicked out of Dauntless if you're not in the top ten of initiates.

I guess we know now that the factions serve a specific purpose, but I thought that reveal was weak. So at some time in the past, everyone became too violent? And then they put everyone into a burnt out version of Chicago so they could learn how to be less violent? And the test subject responded...by beginning a violent war that killed dozens, if not hundreds of people? So the project/experiment failed? Am I missing something?

I actually enjoyed reading about Tris' response to killing Will and her mother and father dying. Her pain and difficulty coping were palpable and also made her a compelling character. I didn't really care too much about her and Four/Tobias, though it was interesting to learn about Tobias' mom and dad.

In short, I think I'd be factionless.