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Alif the Unseen - G. Willow Wilson I really enjoyed the intersection of the ancient jinn and the current/future idea of quantum computing. This isn't a funny book, but I chuckled when the main character debugs an ifreet's laptop. Very tense, despite some real deus ex machina moments. For all the trouble they go through, the ending seems rather pat. I loved the inclusion of Sheikh Bilal as a connection to the old world and the Quran and the person who leads Alif to the real meaning of the Alf Yeom. Now I want to do research into jinn, marideen, and quantum computing.

"Alif thought of all the times he had left the duplex in Baqara District bent on some mundane errand: the courtyard gate closing behind him with a rattle, rattling again when he returned the same way; to him, ordinary and frustrating, to the world, a process full of tiny variations, all existing, as Sheikh Bilal had said, simultaneously and without contradiction. He had been given eternity in modest increments, and had thought nothing of it." p. 358