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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn Let me first say that I'm a fan of Law and Order: SVU. I am the kind of person who watches marathons of SVU on USA and then realizes it's dark outside and what happened to the afternoon? I'm also the kind of person who, after seeing an episode three or four times and knowing what happens at the end, still can't remember the middle, which means I need to watch it again. SVU, even though it's effed up and awful, is kind of like a comfort food. You know there are going to be twists and turns, you know Stabler is probably going to punch someone, you know Benson is going to talk to the kids, etc etc.

I'm also a screen talker. I talk to the TV. I tell characters not to go in the room, I tell them to kill the bastard already, I tell them to shut up. I know they can't hear me, but I still react and egg them on in a myriad of ways.

This book was like an episode of SVU. There were some twists I saw a mile away. For example, I knew the cell phone Nick kept checking either had to be an affair or drugs. I also wasn't super surprised that she came back to Nick after he acted nice for the media, or that she killed Desi to do it. I also thought it was pretty dumb that she didn't know how to better hide her money. I know she's a spoiled lil rich girl, but come on. You do all that research and planning and then get robbed by a bunch of yokels? Not so amazing, Amy. There were others, however, that made me cackle with glee and say things like, "She's got you now!" or "That witch! Like when Nick found the stash of stuff in the shed. Or when they find the "diaries". Or how she faked she was pregnant by collecting someone's pee, which I'm not sure exactly how she did. Or when she actually IS pregnant at the end!

Even with all of the twists, I thought the book's discussion of being who we are versus being what other people want us to be was really interesting and valid. ESPECIALLY the bit about the Cool Girl. Who hasn't done that? And if you haven't, I want to buy you a drink. I also thought that Nick's determination not to be his father, despite being pushed so far, was a great little wrinkle as well. I had to knock it down to four stars because of some of the more obvious bits and a few things I didn't understand (What was the deal with the vomit? Why was it in the fridge? I must have missed something.) but it was still an extremely entertaining read.